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Welcome to the "S-Coupler Head"

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General concepts for this site:

  • ALL S Standard Gauge and S Narrow Gauge Couplers will be part of this site as it develops. (Some O Scale Narrow Gauge - On3, On30, On2 etc. enthusiasts may find information here useful).
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S Helper Service "SHS"#01295 S-Scale Coupler mounted on "Hi-Rail" freight truck, for use with any S freight car. This is especially useful method for tight radius curves and switches, such as found in American Flyer, SHS, AM and others sectional track.

Here are some comparisons of American Flyer Trucks with attached couplers. A truck with an attached coupler is often referred to as a "Talgo" truck and/or cplr. mounting. This is an adaptation of a Spanish Patented method for allowing real RR passenger cars to lean into curves at high speeds and swivel over a common truck that two car ends are attached to (articulated).

The advantage of American Flyer Trucks and most other "toy" model trains trucks with attached coupler, is negotiating much tighter curves and switches without derailing cars or engines.

Shown here are two variations of American Flyer trucks with Knuckle Couplers - top truck with operating knuckle, bottom truck with a fixed knuckle coupler

Earlier version of American Flyer Trucks had Link Couplers.

Shown here are three variations of American Flyer trucks with Link Couplers - top truck, a later version, with Black weight button, center truck,with brass weight button and bottom truck with a non-weighted link coupler.

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