Monday, September 15, 2008


This page will deal with scale proportioned Couplers
and their use, mounting ....



By Dr. K. Loeb

1st. Cut piece of.026" +-.001" dia. (#74 wire size) wire to .315" (5/16") Long.
Make as many of these as you need. Do not use a smaller or larger dia. wire...they will not work...I tried.
2nd. Modify the Kadee coupler shank as shown. Be very gentle and use a very fine file and /or sharp knife blade to trim, remove any flash and parting lines, burnish surfaces. Round corners at back of shank and remove small half-round piece with small hole at back center of shank.
#3rd. Do not undercut shank body, just file/cut detente to a parallel angle as angled detente face surfaces (parallelogram). Do this with a light hand and a little at a time, checking to be sure you are not undercutting shank (making it thinner will weaken coupler shank).
4th. To assemble, lay wire pin in "trough" at front of coupler draft gear box, insert coupler shank, with detente between wire pin and back of "trough" and over center hub. hold in place and insert Kadee shank spring, slide draft gear box cover over assembly still it snaps in place, check for flush seating of cover and free movement and centering of coupler. If all is working then you may wish to seal lid to box by using a small tipped soldering iron to "weld" lid to box in a few places. If there is a bind, or coupler does not spring back to center, disassemble and find problem, then reassemble.
This "FIX" will eliminate almost all of the back and forth spring lash and still allow for free spring centering and side to side movement. You will still have a bit of slack action as part of built in tolerances in coupler head design, necessary for the couplers to work properly. Now sit back and enjoy operating your trains!

S Coupler installations on S cars both high rail and scale applications.
These are "easy" installations requiring very little modification.

S Scaled (1:64 proportioned) Couplers

mounted to truck rather than car body.

Kadee (RH), S Helper Service (LH).

Typical American Flyer coupler mounted on truck rather than car

Scale proportioned S couplers attatched to AF with minimal modifications

Body mounted Kadee # 802 Coupler
shownwith trip-pin cut off on Hopper car

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